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How lengthy does Catfish take to develop in Nigeria? How a lot does it price to start out a catfish farm in Nigeria? How a lot is 1kg catfish in Nigeria? If this questions have stored you awake at night time, then relaxation simple, as this text is the final word information to starting a catfish farming enterprise in Nigeria.

“I constructed about 52 fish ponds and I used to be making good cash from them,”  are the notorious quote of infamous South-Western Nigerian prison, Godogodo, in a subsequent interviews he gave after he was caught in 2013.

There’s little question that fish farming is a profitable enterprise enterprise in any a part of the world, however it’s particularly remunerative in Nigeria due to the native urge for food for a selected breed, the Catfish.

Catfish are a type of ray-finned fishes that are distinguishable by their lengthy barbels which resemble that of a cat’s whiskers, therefore the supply of their nomenclature.

The fish is so common as a delicacy in Nigerian meals, that it’s immortalised within the official Wikipedia web page of the species. The preferred recipe within the nation is the well-known Catfish pepper soup, which is among the few Nigerian meals that transcend tribe, ethnicity and area, as it’s common in each state of the nation. It’s also common in bars for its “level and kill” methodology of cooking, that sees prospects choose a reside catfish for a fast kill and subsequent grill, fry or boil.

With this widespread demand for this delicacy, it could be shrewd for each Nigerian entrepreneur to enterprise into the breeding, rearing and farming of catfish.

This text will focus on intimately the method concerned in rearing catfish. However first why do you have to enterprise into catfish farming over different types of fish farming ?

Advantages Of Catfish Farming

1. Fish With No Scales

Quite a lot of shoppers are apathetic to fishes with scales, as they’re identified to don’t have any interesting style in addition to no vital well being advantages. In truth, shoppers are suggested to chop off the outer scales of fishes earlier than cooking. Scales are additionally know to comprise excessive quantities of minerals and fat.

Catfish kills any of this worries because it has no scales in any respect.

2. They’re In every single place

Catfish are one of many few animals which have been documented to have lived on each continent on earth. From scorching Australian waters to the chilly seas of the Antarctica.

They’re the one ostariophysans which have entered freshwater habitats in Madagascar, Australia, and New Guinea.

Three. They Are Freshwaters Fishes 

When contemplating venturing into fish farming, that is maybe a very powerful query to ask, as inserting a aquatic organism within the fallacious habitat will staunch its progress and ultimately kill them.

Freshwater fishes ease any of such issues, as their habitats, freshwater is ubiquitous. And catfish typically fall into that class, with solely two species identified to be salt water out of the three thousand various species identified to man.

Four. Straightforward to Rear

Catfish are simple to farm as they’re higher suited to heat climates like Nigeria, which has popularised its cultivation. It’s also one of the crucial cost-effective animals to farm.

5. Nutritious

Catfish are identified to be excessive in Vitamin D which helps to manage the quantity of calcium and phosphate within the physique which in flip preserve bones, tooth and muscle tissue wholesome.

It additionally incorporates a low degree of omega-Three fatty acids and a a lot greater degree of Omega-6 fatty acids which is a proper proportion because the latter is required in additional amount than the aforementioned.

Compared with different Nigerian well-known aquatic dishes like Kote, Shawa and Panla, catfish compares favourably. Solely panla has much less energy and fewer fats than the fish and not one of the listed have as a lot omega-6 as catfish. This positions it very excessive on the diet desk.

With Catfish posing numerous advantages, let’s get to the nitty-gritty on find out how to farm catfish in Nigeria.

Are Catfish Harmful or Venomous

To start working a farm, there’s a pertinent want to know the type of creature or organism you’ll be coping with in shut proximity and regularly.

Catfish have distinguished barbels on either side of the mouth, numbering about eight, that stiffen when the fish is agitated to sting potential predators. Though often non-venomous, a sting may hospitalise a grown man and a few species are identified to trigger fatality.

Nonetheless the most typical species in Nigeria, the Clarias gariepinus, Heterobranchus bidorsalis, Clarias X Heterobranchus hybrid (Heteroclarias) and Clarias nigro-digitatus, don’t fall within the deadly class.

What do Catfish Eat and How A lot is Their Feed

Catfish eat crude protein pelletized feed that are offered in baggage on numerous offline and on-line commerce platforms throughout the federation. The larger the amount, the higher the worth.

The usual massive bag stands at 15kg with pricing ranging from ₦4000 on Jiji.ng. The price can be depending on type of feed that are cut up between floating seed that are costlier and sinking feed.

The feed are already modified into millimetre-sized pellets to simplify and show you how to measure an correct catfish ration.

The way to Farm Catfish in Nigeria

Get Fingerings

To start farming, you will have to first purchase the younger ones known as fingerlings. That is often essentially the most troublesome half as fish eggs are usually not available in Nigeria because of the laggard improvement of the sector. In the event you plan on producing your personal fertilized eggs, you can also make use of the homoplastic pituitary gland suspension, however this methodology will not be really useful for a starter as fingerlings will be alternatively cheaply obtained on-line.

Divinefish supply bulk sale of fingerings for as low-cost as ₦15 to ₦35 per fish relying on the age and amount bought.

You possibly can nonetheless discover higher offers from breeders on one in every of Nigeria’s greatest market place, Jiji.

Alternatively, fingerings can be caught in a number of of the numerous water our bodies throughout the nation.

Purchase Area or Lands For Ponds

Many a occasions, fish ponds are usually not required to be dug from the bottom right into a concrete or earthen pond for starters, but when the land already has a pond then this may show a very good and cheaper benefit. The water may nonetheless should be modified.

Alternatively, they can be grown in plastic ponds or tarpaulin ponds containing recent waters, as this fishes are typically famend for his or her doggedness. This methodology is extra widespread in Nigeria.

Nonetheless fingerings are weak to assault from bugs that are frequent in Nigeria because of the tropical local weather. It’s subsequently really useful that habitats, be it pure swimming pools or tanks be lined with well-spaced mosquito nets.

Research The Market

This ought to be the very best on the size of desire as if wrongly evaluated, you may need a excessive variety of grown and overgrown catfish inhabitants in your farm, which could drive you to drive down the value to satisfy the demand.

Not like different fishes within the nation that are imported, Nigerians choose to purchase catfish life than frozen. The lifespan of catfish ranges between eight to 15 years with many dwelling far more than that, however the price of feeding one fish over such prolonged interval will take its toll in your web revenue.

You will need to observe that though catfish is a well-liked delicacy within the nation, many family chorus from consuming it, primarily attributable to non secular or superstitious beliefs.

Type Fishes By Dimension

Though you fingerlings may all come at equal sizes, this uniformity will not be maintained in progress as various feed and genetic composition may think about various progress fee.

It turns into pertinent to type and separate catfish by class of sizing as this species are cannibalistic in nature and large-sized ones will prey on smaller ones.

Feed Them Primarily based On temperature

Catfish eat Three% of their physique weight each day however this closely depending on the temperature of their habitat. When the water is hotter, catfish are inclined to eat extra. In the event you discover the water to be over 66 diploma Fahrenheit then you need to feed your catfish extra frequently.

Fingerlings eat between 1 to 2mm of feed each day ; Melange which vary from 300g to 400g however nonetheless lower than three months eat between Four-6 mm each day.

After three months, your catfish ought to weigh 500g to 700g known as desk dimension and so they eat over 6mm however lower than 9mm each day.

Within the develop out stage, the place your catfish weighs over 1kg, they’re to be fed 9mm pellets each day.

Keep Good Hygiene

Make sure that your farm atmosphere is frequently cleansed and fumigated to maintain your catfish not solely wholesome however secure. As well as, the water ought to be modified as typically as attainable, with 48 hours not being an enormous ask for small ponds.

Get hold of Capital

If you’re planning on beginning small you may have the ability to preserve the enterprise through private or shut affiliate funding. However as your online business begins to develop and develop, you’ll not solely want funds to nurture your farm but additionally to make use of staffs as one hand shall be asking numerous your bodily, emotional and psychological well-being.

Funke Olatunde, a big-time fish farmer interviewed by TheFishSite, ranked “staffing” as the biggest bone of rivalry within the enterprise.

You may want to hunt authorities loans, financial institution loans or pursue traders in case you are sure of the potential of your farm.

When Ought to You Harvest?

Catfish mature in a short time and underneath the appropriate feeding routine and constant temperature, catfish clock a median of 1kg inside 6 months. Nonetheless by the second month, they need to be as huge as the common tilapia offered available in the market, which is costlier, and is the second most reared fish in Nigeria.

How a lot are they offered?

After all of the work is completed and your fish is prepared, how a lot is the market value of catfish in Nigeria.

Relying in your location, the market and dimension, catfish are priced from as little as ₦500 to as excessive as ₦3000 throughout the nation.

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